I am currently open for collaborations and always looking for interesting projects. Feel free to contact me.

Artur Neufeld
+49 (0) 176 555 40 973


How I work:
  • Content is Context
    Only the involvement and analysis of the content itself can ensure a legitimate and goal-oriented representation of the material.
  • Substance is Design
    The design principles are derived from the content, shaping the fundament on which the idea can build on.
  • Client is a Character
    The personality, visions and goals of the client should not only be reflected in the work, but an integral part of the design process.
  • Zeitgeist is a Tool
    There is a difference in working for the zeitgeist, and working with it. The zeitgeist is merely a tool you can manipulate to your advantage, who knows that starts trends, and does not need to follow them.
What I offer:
  1. Cooperation and Collaboration
    Support and consulting in every phase of a project, from a rough concept, to a prototype, to an elaborate product.
  2. Development and Conception
    Developing an individual aesthetic, visual language and design system. Integral typography, media, color and image concepts.
  3. Design and Realization
    I like to work media independent, meaning, the choice and handling of the medium is not the starting point, but only one of many questions to be answered during the design process. This leaves me flexible to a wide range of possibilities.

    I have expertise in Print (Magazines, brochures, posters, catalogues, books), digital media (Homepages, portfolios, microsites, blogs, web apps) and hybrids (Augmented and virtual reality, installations, guidance systems).

    Furthermore, I have experience in project management and can count on my excellent network of artists, photographers, programmers, filmmakers, illustrators and producers.
Exhibitions (selection)
CALL ME Designexport, Hamburg
Be Right Back (Solo) Emotionlab, Hamburg
ADAPTER Kolbenhof, Hamburg
Stil/System/Methode Island, Hamburg
Ästhetik der Moderne Frappant, Hamburg
53 Xpon-Art Gallery, Hamburg
Auf frischer Tat Galerie Speckstraße, Hamburg