Tales Of A Wanderer

Excerpt from the Introduction:

“We are living in a world that is shaped by technology. Our lives have changed and they are going to change even more drastically. The internet has altered our ways of thinking and living. By exploring the internet not as a static place, but as an ever-changing, vivid and diverse environment, I try to preserve our current state of mind. Each page has the potential to be an extension of our senses and therefore is able to tell us stories about ourselves. As a wanderer I am trying to capture these stories by roaming through the internet with the same mindset which I would have, when I visit a city for the first time.

I observe my surroundings, I take pictures, I overhear conversations, I speak to locals, I participate, I visit their festivals, I make notes, I doodle and make sketches, I just sit and watch, I relax, I read the news, I visit their communities and look through their open windows. By archiving these stories, glimpses and fragments, I give insight to our current state of mind and try to reflect, what influences may come towards us in the future.

This book is an associative, fragmentary and wild trip through our accelerated culture, made entirely out of found footage from the web.”